Thursday, April 17, 2008

Chazon Ish and shmitta FYI

Calatrava update - the bridge is still not fixed

Shook prices shekel/kg, any Badatz-grade:

apples 6-7
cheapest tomatoes 2
celery, parsley, lettuce - combination of any three for 12 shekel
tomatoes - 12

a belated post - when the shmitta started, the price gap was incredible. Non-observant produce cost 508 times cheaper.As G-d would have it, the good things don't last long. There was a strange frost throughout the land, and the cheap produce became on par with the shmitta-observance grade food.

Did you know that:

R. Dessler married the granddaughter of R. Salanter, and her kiddush cup was less than the Chazon Ish minimum.

Chazon Ishasked his first shayla about Eretz Isroel, Trumos and Maasros from R. Kook.

R. Y. Chaim Zonnenfeld traveled together with R. Kook to kibbutz settlements teaching Shmiras Shabbos.

Chazon Ish ruled that electricity has the din of Boneh.

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