Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Peace Now is a form of a PR weapon:

I say that Peace Now with Shalom Akshav and their accouterments is proof in itself that Israeli public is ever more a true pacifist continuously trying to use its goodwill, as they say, almost bending over backwards, to please the world opinion and accommodate every wish of Israels' neighbors. Think of the country-wide peace curricula in high schools, of the Rabin Peace Center, of the Peace oriented censorship.

That is why we can say that the Moslem world does not have honest, good will, since it has no semblance of any peace movement, or any peace with Israel movement the like of Peace Now. (All the while Arabs a busy printing up anti-Jewish history books and training their kids to become Jihadis, to kill, to die. Saudi Arabs are proud of the sword (supposedly Ali's Zulfikar) on their flag. The religion of Peace is inherently pro-death. They have rung enough in our ears: "A Moslem desires death as much as you desire life." - 'nuff said.)

Here is one of the gems produced by the APN, on of many, in fact, that drips with self-guilt even for the most insane, one-sided Israeli concessions, the withdrawal from Gaza (link) - the withdrawal was not the right kind, it should have been coordinated with the Palestinians:

The withdrawal from Gaza was, obviously, a difficult experience with a very painful – and still unfolding – aftermath. In looking at the withdrawal, however, the real issue is not whether withdrawal from Gaza was a mistake. The real issue is whether the way Israel withdrew was the right one. And the answer is: no.

Even before the "disengagement" from Gaza took place, Peace Now warned that a unilateral withdrawal could not be a substitute for a negotiated agreement that included post-withdrawal arrangements and coordination mechanisms. Peace Now also warned that by refusing to negotiate (or to at least effectively coordinate) the withdrawal with the newly elected Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas – whose election platform centered on re-starting peace negotiations – Israel would undermine his credibility and deliver a public relations coup to Hamas.

But then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was adamantly opposed to a negotiated withdrawal – and this, mind you, was before Hamas took control of Gaza. While we are not at all happy to say "we told you so," the fact is that today Israel is forced to grapple with precisely the unintended consequences of which we warned in 2005.


Anonymous said...

The world should listen to this wise Israeli.

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Kelly W. said...

The above comment only underscores the essence of Islamic approach:

*steal and accuse others of stealing;
*preach murder and destruction while referring to Islam as the religion of peace;
*protest by burning, destroying, wreaking havoc, and intimidating;
*censoring or killing dissidents;
*exploiting democracy to kill democracy.