Sunday, May 18, 2008

Taz 's sense of humor gets him married

The Bach and Taz, the great poskim of Shulkhan Oruch, learned together when Bach's daughter passed through the room they were studying.

The Bach said, as he looked at his daughter, "Zee is shein vee die levonoh" (She is as beautiful as the moon) so the Taz
said, "Ess is shoin tzeit tzu mekadesh zain die levonoh" (It's already time to be mekadesh [just as one would sanctify a bride-my note] the moon)

Very soon afterwards Taz did marry the daughter, and the rest is the very well known history.

On another occasion, Taz came over to study with Bach, and saw Bach's wife dusting a respectable number of silverware (The Bach had a silverware pawnbroker business). Taz said, "Dusting off avkas ribis?"
["the dust of interest", i.e., the moneys accrued, deniable but indirectly related to the prohibited taking of interest]

Not to be out done in quick wit, the Bach's wife reparteed, "Speaking avkas loshon horo?"
["the dust of slander", information indirectly related to outright slander]

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