Monday, May 12, 2008

Lion's Roar

Just to make sure I don't forget the stories of the famous Shaagas Aryeh:

  1. He went into a self-imposed golus, and while visiting Frankfurt on Main, heard the Friday night speech at a shul. Totally disagreeing with the rabbi and the content of the speech, Shaagas Aryeh said out loud, "hevel vShtuss,"
    to which the rabbi responded, "this is obviously spoken by an Am Haaretz."
    Shaagas Aryeh rebuffed, with the Mamzer Talmud Chochom koidem Kohen Am Haaretz (Horaios 13). The rabbi was surprised with the comeback and admitted to being mistaken, and invited Shaagas Arye to eat at his table.

  2. Shaagas Aryeh once came to a town and spoke nothing but criticism of the town's Jewish community, its practices and wrongdoings. Exercising the right to reject or even expel a rabbi, the community led and escorted Shaagas Aryeh ot the outskirts of the town. There, Shaagas Aryeh stopped and turned around, saying," What a nice town it is!"
    The town elders told him, "But this is the first time you have something positive to say about our town, isn't it?"
    Shaagas Aryeh reparteed, "Yes, now that you are not in it!"

  3. Shaagas Aryeh came to another town, where the community asked honored him with the request to write for them the List of Rules, a Takanon. Shaagas wrote the Ten Commandments.
    "Your honor, you have written takanons that are very specific and address each communities situation. Why did you write the Ten Coomandments for us?"
    "Because you really need it."

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