Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sliced Pita, Salami and Babylon

Noah bore Japheth, or Yafeth (יפת), and Japheth bore Javan, or Yavan(יון) . The seed of Yafeth, so intimately connected to the Hebrew contemporary concept of beauty (yofi), may even be the ancient name for Beauty itself. Indeed, the offspring of Yafeth, Yavan, is Greece, which is the meaning of Yavan’s name in Hebrew. Greece is an undisputed cradle of all concepts beautiful (and discussion of which can be enjoyed at Heaventree, which have been inspired by the worship of Greek idols.

This chain of inheritance has lasted even till now – we see that even politics, with all of its incredulously variegated and combined spectra, can be fashionably beautiful. Over at Supernaut, their motto is I whore for art. This is the most loyal testament to the preservation of Japhetic faith: how reminiscent it is of the ancient Greece, when each idol had its own temple, and within it contained temple prostitutes that whored for all things beautiful.

This gracefully beautiful sword has been hanging over us through the somber pages of history. It is just too convenient not to fall back on Peres.

Switch to, or to the spiritual realms of Shem’s heritage, to the world of beauty in hidden meanings, of ( מנא מנא תקל ופרסין ) manei manei tekeil ufarsin.

There it is again, in the stubbornly Hebraic fashion of hiding, taunting, jumping forth from the long-faded history, the reminder, the root P-R-S ( פ-ר-ס ). In Hebrew it means slice, sliced, divided. Ask for לחם פרוס (lechem parus) in Israel and you will get sliced bread.

Peres is there to do the same - to continue to divide the people. The man of no straight answers, of yes and no, the man who has always wanted to install the most beautiful peace through so many nebulous and contrastingly ugly compromises, that people called him a loser. Though elected to be just a nodding figurehead, he sounds like he has won the title of the Prime Minister.

Thanks to Jewlicious, we can enjoy some of his gems :

There's nothing to be proud of in Jewish History (UNESCO Conf. 1994)

Jewish Youth should divorce themselves from our past. (UNESCO Conf. 1994)

-spoken as a true Master Assimilator.

Give me peace, and I'll forgo Israel's nuclear capabilities (4.1.96)

Bombing the Iranian Nuclear Reactor was a mistake (24.12.95)

-this is the Babel itself, where the Belshazzar was told that his kingdom has already been sliced.

There is no antisemitism in France (27.2.02)

Olmert is one of Israel's best Prime Ministers (17.3.07)

If it were up to me I would remove History from the school curriculum (11.4.07)

To dance the tango, you need to close your eyes and let the romance flow...peace is a romantic process.

I declare that the [Palestinian-Israeli] conflict is over! No finger will ever again touch a trigger.

100 years of terror are over, and now start 100 years of peace and coexistence. (13.5.95)


I think am a lot better prophet than PRS.

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